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Best Day To List Revealed

Why You Should List in the Middle of the WeekDAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | Edited by Matt Wielgos If you want to sell a home for the most money, list it on a Wednesday. If you want to sell it in the

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Is Your Home Making You Sick

CANCER AND RELATED RADON ILLNESSRadon is a naturally occurring gas that seeps up from the ground and is released naturally. Outdoors, the effects of radon are minimal as it dissipates without

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Cincinnati Dayton Open Houses

OPEN HOUSES IN CINCINNATI AND DAYTONHere is a list of all Open Houses from the MLS this weekend. Be sure to consult with me to ensure these homes are actually OPEN this weekend (schedules

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Stay Organized And Clutter Free

Want to keep your home clutter-free? Below are several tips to help your home stay organized, even when you’re busy. Follow these tips and enjoy more of your time at home. If you're like me, it's

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